Sunday, January 7

A Fond Farewell

You know when you need a haircut, except you don't really need it because you've gotten shaggy, but because it just lifts your spirit? Or maybe you go shopping for the sake of shopping, and not for the sake of necessity? Or you dance in the hallway when no one is looking, or you eat chocolate ice cream straight from the container? Sometimes things just feel right because they feel right to you. If, by chance, there is an audience to your whims- well, you understand they might not be in total agreement but at some point you have to stuff that double loaded spoonful of chocolate ice cream in your mouth no matter the response. And you know why? Because it just feels right.

That's why I'm getting a blog cut. But the sentimental side of me has to hold on for reasons I also cannot explain. So, like a mo-hawk staking its claim on a landscape of bald head, I'm leaving a single post. It's my favorite one. Not because of what I wrote, but because of the conversation that followed. I love that musings about God can lead to pie. It seems to encompass my recollection of this blog in one chaotic post. Random thoughts, good friends, anonymous sitings and hookers. And pie. Who could ever forget the pie?

Thank you for the journey, my friends. You've been comforting, thought provoking, hysterical and inspiring. And now, at this journey's end, I know I'm better for knowing you.